Monday, February 26, 2007

Mi Weekend At Mi Sister Jamies House...

I decided I would spend the weekend with mi sister jamie and her bf Dustin since There son Brandon (2) went to Sundusky to see his grandma fo the weekend...well i ended up spendin time wit Stenn too..It was a good weekend heres some pics a lil befo Brandon left...

-He was tryn to do the peace sign like me

Myranda- Stenn is so amazin and i cant wait til he meets you and i do want it to last forever..sometimes i hope one day we will have a happi li family like u & nathan ... i love u and hope to see u soon =)

Can This Be Tru Love At This Age?

Well here goes mi first blog entry.. I think this is kindof like xanga but mi friend Myranda has one of these so I thought id try it... I dont kno if im gonna keep it or not cuz I dont kno wat im doin but ill try anywas i think i will start with one of the most important things in mi life right now..ill get to mi others later

Well Stenn & Me met online on a site called xanga..we startd talkn ALOT on aim and getn to kno eachother after a few months or so we decided to meet so one night he came over to my house and I did pretty good not being shy and he talks alot so it made me feel better..well anywas since tht night when i hugged him i knew there was SOMETHIN special bout him and i wantd to kno wat it was well we talkd and met a couple more times down the road and i finally told him i liked him and he wasnt sure if he wantd to get in a relationship with another teenage girl cuz hes had alot of girls change there minds..but anywas we startd datin and he is so wonderful and yes i kno im 16 and hes 21 but i promise u hes not like other guys hes so kind and sweet and we want to spend the rest of our lives together well this friday March 2nd we will be datin 4 months i LOVE every moment i get with him no matter wat were doin hes so AMAZIN and i dont want to spend mi life wit anyone else but heres some pics to show you how happi i am now tht hes in mi life...

-Taken befo we startd datin at mi sister jamies house when we were hangin out on night we look so diff now...

-Taken on our 3 month anniversity befo he toke me to the movies to see "The Messengers"

-I like this pic of us we were at Justins 21st Bday Party

- Our most recent pic

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