Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally Getn Warm Out.

havent been doin much but chilln wit mi love && babysittin. so yeah heres an update && some pics.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday.

Went to gmas like every year. Stenn came cuz he comes to every hoilday thing with me & bdays too. anywas heres some pics.

Stenn & Me

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Our 5 Months.

Monday was me & Stenns 5 months. We went to his house & playd cards wit his sister. It was fun. & I barely spend any time wit his family cuz me & him are almost always busy. but there so [[awesome]]. Tuesday he came & got me & we ran around town payn bills. Then went to mi house fo yummy Lasagna made from mi mother. It was sure tasty. Then we went bac to his house & startd watchin The Return but we fell asleep. & Im very sick I think I got sick from mi nephew Tyler when I babysat him the other day. He has Scarlet fever & Strep Thorat & some other stuff tht I cant member at the moment. But yeah I have a sore thoart & runnin nose & slight fever. Hope I get better anywas Mi lil bro is outta the hospt hes been out since Monday afternoon hes doin ok I guess dont realli talk to him much. but yeah I toke some pics today of myself & one of me n Stenn we were gonna take mo later on but I didnt feel good so we will do tht Friday.