Friday, March 30, 2007

Pray Fo My Brother...

My Brother John..Is In The Akron Childrens Hospt. Hes Been There Since Tuesday Afternoon.. Fo Many Reasons Tht I Cannot Explain To Anyone On Here..But If You Could PLEASE Pray Fo Him To Get Better.. Thank You!!! If He Keeps Doin Good They Will Let Him Out Sometime This Weekend..Were Hoping

[[Myranda]] - I need help..How do I do the link things like urs says cool links..& how do I do the main pic for mi page? love u lots..we need to make plans to hang out a whole day or something give me a call..

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Visit From Mi Friend Kenny

my friend Kenny came over yesterday to visit..since I havent seen him in almost a yr cuz hes away to college..well ive been kindof depressed lately cuz of some stuff mi cousion Ronnie is startin..but I hope it turns out ok and mi plans still work..but shes pretty much disowned..I got a job of babysittin Jamies kids fo $30 a week not bad cuz I need the money til I can get to Bob Evans but I might go to work with mi sister and work as a tellamarker selln magazines..

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Busy Busy Day

Woke up today went with my sister Jamie to go see baby Emily Rose..Did my report tht was due today..toke a nap at my house with Stenn..went to club [youth group]..had fun saw Danielle it was her her muchs..went bowlin had fun my highest was [106] I beat Stenns friend Lil Mike & His gf it was awesome..Went to Dennys cuz I havent eatin in days..had fun..toke lots of pics today but only put a few up..

[Emily Rose & Me]

[Pierce (Stenns Friend) & Me at Dennys]

Babysittin [[Mackenzie Jean]]

Mine & Jamies Friend Brandi Had Her Third Child Today. I Was Her Second Her Girl. Well Even Tho They Have Horrible Marriage, They Were Very Excited Bout The New Baby Tht Didnt Have A Name Til After She Was Born. The Name Is [Emily Rose]. Well I Watchd Mackenzie My Neice While Jamie Went To Go Visit. But Jamie Left Befo Baby Emily Was Born. So Were Goin Tommarrow Afternoon & I Will Get Pictures. But While I Was Babysittin Mackenzie I Got Excited Cuz I Thought She Crawld For The First Time & My Mom Said It Wasnt =( But She Also Fell Off My Bed While Slumbering But She A Big Strong 8 Month Old & Is Fine. Heres Some Pics.

Myranda - We Need To Spend More Time Together!!! =)

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Destinys 6th Bday Party

Destiny turned 6 March 2nd.. & Jamie had a party fo her at her new house today.. it was fun besides the kids were SUPER hyper and i have a headache now but &Im glad Stenn could come since one day he will be apart of the family.. but heres some pics of at the party today..

The Birthday Girl